Sunday February 21 + The First Sunday in Lent

Welcome to the first week of St. Paul-Reformation Lutheran Church’s 2021 Lenten Devotion. If you have not already, watch the introductory videos, which you can find on this page – Begin Here.

This week we will hear from a several different church members as they lead us together through five different types of prayer. During these dark winter days, taking time to pray can help to reground us in our baptismal identity. We remember that immediately before Christ’s own 40 day journey into the wilderness, he was baptized by John in the river Jordan.

This Week’s Devotion From Lenten Years Past

Each week on Sunday, this section will include prayers and reflections written by SPR members from the 1995 Lenten Devotional Book. Here are prayers from 5 of our current members.

Lord, help me to be open to possibilities in my life which are beyond what I currently envision. Amen.

Alice Swan

Open my eyes and ears, Dear Lord, so that I might see and hear you rather than be blinded and deafened by my limitations. Amen.

Lee Lundin

Lord, we get caught up in controlling things in our daily lives, and in so doing, we show you our twisted priorities. Help us keep our faith, relinquish control, and open ourselves to your grace. Amen.

Dick Kennedy

Dear Jesus, Help me to look to you in times of emptiness, as well as times of happiness. Help me to realize that the pains of yesterday can lead to a brighter, happier tomorrow. Thank you for being my risen Savior. In your name I pray. Amen.

Doris Ikier

O Creative Love, thank you for the blessings you have given us. Give us the personal faith to keep our eyes on Jesus, to resist cynicism and selfishness, so that in sharing gifts, we ourselves can be blessed. Amen.

Linda Dahlen

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“Meditation” by atsukosmith is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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