The Breath Prayer

Today’s Questions:

  • Please share your experience with the Breath Prayer in the comments below.
  • If you feel comfortable, share the prayer that you wrote, as well.

Check back tomorrow to hear from another member of SPR and learn one more type of prayer.

Breath Prayer Instructions

  • Select the name that you are most comfortable using to speak with God. Next, select a prayer request. Combine the two to create your prayer.
  • Breath in the first phrase/word (generally your invocation of God’s name) and breath out the second phrase/word (request or need).

You may need to compose several prayers before you find one which truly arises from your deepest desire. So look carefully at your prayer. Does it reflect the heart of your desire?

There’s no limit really to developing your breath prayer. It may be the same from day to day or it may change.
Sometimes you may want to reverse the practice a bit by sitting in silence and letting the Spirit pray through you. Ask for God to reveal your name, and God’s desire for you. This can be a profound experience. You may wind up hearing something like, “Beloved, you are enough,” or “Mighty One, rest.” Wait on God and see how you may be renewed.

Sample Breath Prayers

  • Jesus, let me feel your love.
  • O Lord, show we your way.
  • Holy one, heal me.
  • Jesus Alleluia, have mercy.
  • Holy Wisdom, guide me.
  • Father/Mother (Abba/Amma), let me feel your presence.

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