Welcome to St. Paul-Reformation’s 2021 Lenten Devotion.

The inspiration for this project came to me while digging through the extensive church archive in the basement of St. Paul-Ref. (Many thanks to all of you who have contributed to and helped organize the vast archive throughout the years!) I stumbled upon one of SPR’s member-created Lenten Devotional Books from years past. The booklets were filled with reflections on the lectionary, prayers, and other insights from members of the church. I loved discovering how the booklet created a shared spiritual journey for the congregation to participate in. The primary goal for this website is to engage the congregation in a Lenten Devotion for 2021 — centered on our shared life together in Christ.

One of my deepest joys of my time at SPR has been getting to learn from members as you share with one another in your faith and spirituality. I have witnessed this across a wide range of church groups: from Coffee Hour to Theology on Tap; from Bible Matters to the Racial Justice Team; from Meals Ministry to Adult Forum; from the SPR Men of Faith group to ISAIAH. My hope for our Lenten Devotion this year is that members across all of these groups can connect in a new way during this time when we cannot gather in person — to open our community to listen for the Holy Spirit in our midst. Our shared devotion will be spread across five weeks, each week centering on a different spiritual practice. If you are unfamiliar with any of these practices, that is perfectly okay! We are going to be learning together with the expectation that the Holy Spirit will show up.

-Vicar Jonathan

Spiritual Practice in Christ-Centered Community

How to use this website:

Every Sunday in Lent for the next 5 weeks, a new video will be posted introducing a spiritual practice for the week. Then each day Monday – Friday, a short video will be posted featuring a different member of the congregation leading us through that week’s exercise. These devotional videos will be a great way to take a quick break to reground ourselves during our busy days. At the end of each video you will be invited to comment and share your experience with the rest of the congregation (if you choose to). Check this website everyday to see who will be leading us!

You can also engage further by joining us for a 30 minute Zoom meeting Sunday evenings at 6:30 PM to share our experience with the previous week’s practice and prepare for the week ahead. You can access the Zoom meeting by CLICKING HERE. You can also find the Zoom link in the SPR Weekly email sent on Fridays or in the daily email (see information below).

We will also be sending a daily text message and email with a link to the video devotion for the day. CLICK HERE to sign up to receive the daily text message and email.

How do we understand Spiritual Practice?

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